Stallion international trading limited established their forestry based business in _________, and became the leading producer and distributor of lumber in most major markets around the world. We have diverse experience in the international lumber trading and are able to deal competently and knowledgeably with all aspects of the business.

We have alliances with log suppliers and sellers, sawmills, brokers and global importers in North America, Canada and New Zealand to cater best to our customers. Stallion international is now actively exporting lumber to Asia, Europe and the Middle East where high quality North American Hardwood lumber is in great demand. We specialize in shipping hardwoods including but not limited to Douglas Fir, Western Hemlock, Hard Maple, New Zealand Pine, Northern Red Oak and White Oak, Spruce Pine, Taeda Pine, Radiata Pine, Western Red Cedar – Yellow Cedar, Southern Yellow Pine ,Black English Walnut- Golden Walnut, SPF, Cherry, Teak and Eucalyptus.

Our commitment to export business results in long term supply arrangements which results in reliable & continuous supply for our customers. We deal directly manufacturers and importers /wholesalers which gives us an edge in supplying right products at the right price and according to customer requirements. To learn more about our products and services please send your inquiries at info@stalliongroup.ca or give us a call today at 604-999-9999